Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind

You hear lots of bits and pieces of advice over the years, but this one has always stuck with me. With everything that has happened in the world over the past 12 months I think it’s more important than ever…

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind.” – Jim Rohn

As athletes we know that if we want to keep our body healthy and fit, we need to not only workout, but watch what we eat. When we are fueling ourselves properly we feel fantastic, full of energy, and ready to crush the workout. But we also know the feeling of coming into class after a day of bad of one too many cheat meals. It’s like the old saying goes: “You can’t outwork a bad diet.”

Our minds are no different. If we want to live a happy, positive life that is full of growth and purpose, we need to watch what we are mentally consuming as well. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, our minds are constantly absorbing all the information around us, shaping our thoughts and beliefs about the world and ourselves.

Whether it’s social media, television, books, other people, or even that little voice inside each of us… all of these things have the ability to influence how we think, feel, and move forward. That’s why it’s so important to think critically and carefully about what we allow into our heads.

If we don’t take control of our mindset and focus, other people are more than happy to do it for us!

Wherever our focus goes, energy flows.

If I tell you to NOT think about elephants, guess what you’re going to think about. That’s right… lots and lots of elephants.

It’s not enough to just try to filter out the negative thoughts and ideas. We need to give ourselves a healthy diet of positivity!

Reading good books, listening to podcasts, practice positive self-talk, talking with friends and family. All of these things can help us feed our mindset with the fuel we need to move towards our goals.

Today, try to be more aware of what you’re letting through the door of your mind. Just like we try to choose the foods we eat based on how they will affect how we feel, ask yourself “is this serving the best version of me?”

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