Committed Club January 2021

Congratulations to the inaugural members of the Lumber City Athletics Committed Club!!

The Lumber City Committed Club is our way of acknowledging athletes that consistently show up to class each month. We know that it takes a certain level of dedication and discipline… and they deserve the recognition!

Being a part of the Committed Club is a testament to your dedication towards your health and fitness goals!! And we know that the more you’re at LCA, the closer you are to achieving those goals!

The rules are simple: to be a part of the Committed Club, you must attend at least 18 classes during the month.

At the end of each month we will announce all the Committed Club members for the month, and then everyone on the list will be entered into a raffle to win a $25 gift card (Rogue, Nike, Reebok, etc..)


Adam Durst
Alex Santiago
Alicia Lepiane
Anne Hoar
Beth Brawn-Celotto
Brian Sparks
Brittany Sparks
Bryan Proch
Caitlin Dwyer
Chad Leading Fox
Christine Mitri
Ciera Leading Fox
Devon Rakic
Don Greene
Erin Helms
Jeffrey Douglas
Jen Zebulske
Jennifer Greco
Don Greene
Jennifer Walsh
Jim Greco
Justin Cicatello
Kelly Stauffiger
Kristen Kusmierski
Mark Johnson
Matt Douglas
Michelle McFarland
Nicholas Kusmierski
Nicole Hooper
Rachel Roorda
Sarah Novotny
Thomas Raley

This month’s Gift Card Winner is MARK JOHNSON!!!

“Motivation is what gets you started… COMMITMENT is what keeps you going!”

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