CrossFit Scaling

“I got 5 rounds… but I had to scale.”

“I finished the WOD in 12 minutes… but I had to scale.”

“I did really good in the Open this year… but I had to scale.”

Our coaches hear these words at the end of every class when they ask the athletes for their scores.

The funny thing is that we don’t write what version of the workout you did on the board, just your time or your rounds plus reps. We don’t ask whether or not someone scaled the workout, yet we hear these comments all the same.

Let me say this as loud and clear as possible – Scaling doesn’t mean that your effort was ANY LESS than an athlete who did the Rx version.

We all come to the gym with different backgrounds. We don’t all have the same experience, home life, genetics, nutrition, job, or stress level. Fitness is not “One Size Fits All”. The Rx version of the workout is written as a general guide to make sure the workout delivers the right stimulus, and THAT is what we need to be focused on.

The truth is that too many people chase “Rx” even when the weights or the movements are out of their range. They end up taking too much rest or failing too many reps and miss the benefit of the workout. Believe me, your coaches are much happier when you scale appropriately.

Jumping pull-ups or ring rows are the right choice for someone who doesn’t have the strength or capacity to do strict or kipping pull-ups yet. And they require the same, or even more, effort as pull-ups do for an athlete who is more proficient.

Scaling the weights, distances, or reps, means that you can continue to push just as hard as the person next to you instead of just staring at the bar. You always get a better workout when you do what’s best for you!

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