Monday may 4 2020



25 feet for each drill jog back to start 

Walking Knee to Chest Stretch

Walking Quad Stretch

Walking Figure 4 Stretch

Walking High Kicks

Butt Kickers

High Knees 

Power Skip 



20 plate hops 

5/5 Lunges weight lunges 

5/5 weight front squats 

5 Push Ups to downward dog

Extended Warm Up


:20 on / :10 rest 

Alternate between double unders and air squats 


“LockDown ThrowDown Event 2”

AmRaP 8

2-4-6-8… etc..*

Alt DB hang Squat Cleans 

*perform 24 Double Unders after each round of DB hang squat cleans

(Score is Total Reps)

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