Monday march 9

-Warm Up-

2 minute easy bike/row

2 sets with moderate weight 

5/5 DB Clean

5/5 DB Press

5/5 DB cross body DL

5 pike to pushups 

10 glute bridges (pause at the top)



Upper body strict pull work


MIN 1 – 1-2 Strict Muscle-Up or 5-7 Strict Pull-Up

MIN 2 – 5-7 Tall Box Jumps*

*Athlete Choice on height. Two-foot take off with no step into the jump. Mandatory step-down.

(No Measure)



5 Deadlift (AHAP)*

7 Ring Muscle-Ups or Burpee Pull-Ups

21 Box Jump (24/20)

*Ideal DL weight should force at least 1-2 breaks per set of 5 reps. You should not be able to do (5) unbroken pulls on any set.

(Score is Time) 

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