Tuesday february 4 2020

-Warm Up-

10 minute clock

4 minute bike/row

Remaking time 


10 bootstraps 

10 kettle bell deadlifts 

10 alt step ups 

10 up/downs

10 scap pull-ups 



DEATH BY (7:00 Cap)…. 

6 Russian KB Swings (70/53)|(53/35)

Reps increase by 6 every minute. 6-12-18…and so on

-Rest 3:00-

DEATH BY (7:00 Cap)…

5 Up-Down Box Jump Over (20)

Reps increase by 5 every minute. 5-10-15…and so on

-Rest 3:00-

DEATH BY (7:00 Cap)…

4 Kipping Pull-Ups (C2B Optional)

Reps increase by 4 every minute. 4-8-12…and so on

*7:00 Cap on all “Death By” Rounds. If fail before 7 completed rounds, drop down at least 2 levels from where you failed and then continue. 

(No Measure) 



150 Walking Lunge

(Score is Time) 

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