Tuesday february 25 2020

-Warm Up-

On 12:00 running clock…

2 rounds 

1:00 bike/row

10 tempo pushups 

10/10 SA tempo DB floor press

10/10 SA Arnold press


2 rounds 

:30 HS hold

:30 inchworms 

:30 burpees 

1:00 bike/row


Before the WOD set up and practice Wall Walks and go over scaling options 


15/12 Cal Bike/row

15 DB Bench Press (50/35)

3 Wall Walks

*For the DB Bench, athletes can use flat bench or rest upper back on medball.

(Score is Rounds + Reps) 


**Strength is performed after WOD**

(20 minutes)

5 Sets 

12 Barbell Bent Over Rows 

Super Set Max Perfect Push Ups*

*athletes can use bands around their elbows or bands hanging from the rig!

  • elbows stay in tight 

  • Abs are braced (ribs down)

  • Shoulder retract 

  • Press to full extension 

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