Wednesday March 13 2019

 -Warm up-

2 rounds

20 sec bent knee hollow body hold

8 eccentric ankle dorsiflexion

5 sumo inchworm + push up

20 plate hops

1 min row


4 Rounds:

30sec. side plank with 10-20lb DB

30sec. on the other side

1min. regular plank with no weight


—Rest 1min. —

*Holding that DB straight up in the air on your opposite arm for the side planks


For Reps!

5 Rounds:

Min. 1) Max Reps Bench Press 135/75

Min. 2) Max Cals Row

Min. 3) Max Push Ups

Min. 4) Max Box jumps (no rebound)

Min. 5) REST

There is no transition time, so get ready to switch after about 40-45sec.

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