Monday February 25 2019

 -Warm Up-

2 rounds

10 squat +thoracic rotation

5 walk outs +push up

Empty barbell

5 good mornings

5 strict press one from behind the neck 2 with the barbell in front

5 muscle cleans

5 split jerks


Split Jerk (off the rack)



(Building in weight, try Behind the neck! If not regular front rack is fine)

We will back squat Tuesday , give the legs a break from the open!!


5 total rounds

  • looking for all cleans to be singles
  • No TNG

AmRaP 3

3 Power Cleans 

6 Hand Stand Push Ups 

  • Sub DB push Press 35/20
  • Shooting for 2-3 rounds each AmRaP

Rest 1 minute


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