SatUrday december 21 2019

-Warm Up-

AmRaP 3

5 inchworm + pushup

5 boot straps 

10 shoulder openers 

10 hollow rocks 

Rest 1 minute 

AmRaP 4

5 snatch grip RDL 

5 snatch grip BTN press

5 snatch grip push press

10 scap pull-ups 

5 Kip swings 


5 sets of Kettle Bell complex 

(All reps come from the waist or the hang position)

2 Single arm Russian kettle Bell swings 

2 single arm kettle bell cleans 

2 single arm kettle bell snatches

*perform 2 of each rep on one side then switch 

  • building in weight!


AmRaP 20

7 toes to bar 

4 power snatches (135/95)

4 overhead squats (135/95)

50 mountain climbers**

Partner 1 performs one (1) round

Partner 2 will perform max meters on the row.

Score will be rounds completed plus total number of meters

**Knee comes above the waist; each time the knee comes up counts as a rep

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