Sunday January 6 2019

-Warm Up-

2 minute role the quads (foam roller)

2 minute couch stretch

(Each leg)


2 minutes of rolling out the lats

2 minute banded overhead distraction

Each side


10 Rounds: (40min. Total)

2min. of Cardio at 70% effort. Feel free to run, row, bike, or ski. Mixing it up is ok as well.

2min. to complete a few reps of something you suck at. Maybe it’s HSPU’s? Toes-To-Bar? Kettlebell Snatches? Barbell Snatches? Rope Climbs? Double unders? Maybe you just want to do some D-Balls or something we don’t do in general classes.

*How many should you do? Depends how you feel today and your skill level on the movement. Try to spend the whole 2 minutes working but make sure it’s QUALITY movement. It’s days like today where you really get some GREAT training in and lots of much needed concentration on the movements. Be excited for today and think about what needs work.

You may work on several movements today as well, but don’t pick more than 2-3.

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