Sunday September 30 2018

  -Warm Up-

2 rounds

5-10-15 (for quality)



Air Squat

200m run


20 Air Squats

25/20 Cal Row

30 Double Unders

400m Farmer Carry with 1 KB 70/53lb (suitcase carry)

*If possible, switch every other round to an overhead carry. You may need to go a little lighter, but it's great core stabilization and isometric shoulder strength.

*Try not to lean to one side or the other on the single arm carry. Fight to stay even and you will get a better core workout. It's also the purpose of the single arm carry.

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Friday September 28 2018

  -Warm Up-

2 rds

1 min bike/ski

10 banded face pulls

10 sumo stance good mornings

5 single arm Russian swings

3 reps 3 breathes in low bear

The bike/ ski to build heat and get the heart rate up. The banded face pulls to prepare the upper body to pull for the deads and bent over rows. Sumo stance good morning to stretch out the posterior chain and warm up hinging. The single arm Russian swings to engage the core and prime the deadlift motion. Bear to get the hips and glutes firing



3 @ 70 %

3 @ 80 %

Max TNG at 90 %


In teams of 3 rotate

8 rounds each

Follow the leader style

12/10 cals ski / bike (alt each round)

10 GHD / med ball sit-ups

12 supinated bent over row

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Thursday September 27 2018

  -Warm Up-

2 rds

10 shoulder openers

5 Cuban press+ohs

8 eccentric ankle dorsiflexion

5 lateral step ups

30 sec posterior banded distraction each side

Then 2 rounds

3 high hang muscle snatches

3 low hang power snatch+ohs

3 full squat snatcher


Snatch Complex

(6 sets- building in weight start around 60%)

1 Power Snatch


1 Hang Squat Snatch (below the knee)


1 Over Head Squat


AmRaP 18

800m buy-in

Then AmRaP remaining time

30 pistols

20 HsPu

10 hang power cleans

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Wednesday September 26 2018

 2 rounds

10/8 cals bike

10 sciatic nerve floss

5 Fp 1 on each side instead of dead bugs

10 groiners

5 kb suitcase deadlifts each side

The sciatic nerve floss to help loosen up the the posterior chain as well as preparing them for the single leg deadlift. FP 1 to help them engage the core for the strength. Groiners to open up the hips after yesterday’s kipping and rowing. Deadlift to help warm up for the carries, pulling off the floor


4 rounds

For quality not time

4 pallof series (kneeling)

60m bear hug sand bag carry

8 single leg KB RDLs (each leg)


For time : 8 minute cap



Wall Balls

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Monday September 24 2018

  -Warm Up-

2 rounds

10 kossack squats

15 plate hops

8 eccentric ankle dorsiflexion 2 sec pause at the bottom

5 reverse grip toes to bar

8 squat+thoracic rotation


Back Squat

Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5

75% x 5

85% x max reps


*Challenge WOD*


Minute 1 - 4 Front Squats 185/125

Minute 2 - 12 T2B

Minute 3 - 40 doubles

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Saturday September 22 2018

 -Warm Up-Foot drills  Then5 squats with toes on plates5 squats with heels on plates 5 air squats8 bottom half burpees5 lateral step ups-WOD-35 minute time cap In teams of 3…

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Friday September 21 2018

  -Warm Up-


5 single arm dumbell push press with 2 sec pause at the top

10 shoulder openers

5 power snatch balances

10 median nerve flosses

5 lateral step ups


Push Press (Wk 2 of 4)

Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

70% x 3

80% x 3

90% x max reps

*:30 side plank (each side) between sets


AmRaP 15

2 Hang power Snatch

1 round of Cindy

4 hang power Snatch

1 round of Cindy

6 Hang power Snatch

1 round of Cindy

8 Hang power Snatch

1 round of Cindy

Continue this pattern until time expires

1 Round of Cindy =

5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 Air squats

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Thursday September 20 2018

Warm up2 rounds  1 min bike5 single arm kb deadlifts8 deadbugs5 single arm dumbell presses20 sec supinated hang -WOD-20 minute capBuy-in 2k bike Then3 RFT 200m farmers carry (70/53 each…

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