Friday September 28 2018

 -Warm Up-

2 rds

1 min bike/ski

10 banded face pulls

10 sumo stance good mornings

5 single arm Russian swings

3 reps 3 breathes in low bear

The bike/ ski to build heat and get the heart rate up. The banded face pulls to prepare the upper body to pull for the deads and bent over rows. Sumo stance good morning to  stretch out the posterior chain and warm up hinging. The single arm Russian swings to engage the core and prime the deadlift motion. Bear to get the hips and glutes firing



3 @ 70 %

3 @ 80 %

Max  TNG at 90 %


In teams of 3 rotate

8 rounds each

Follow the leader style

12/10 cals ski / bike (alt each round)

10 GHD / med ball sit-ups

12 supinated bent over row 

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