Friday December 21 2018

 -Warm Up-

2 rounds

10- Banded pull a-parts

5- Hanging lat activators

10 – shoulder openers

10 – Banded rows

:15 hollow body

:15 arch body


Part A)

12 minutes

Strict Pull-ups


*goal is to eventually get off the bands or work your way down to a smaller band or add weight to your sets

Part B)

EMOTM  x 10:00 min

Even minutes – 3-5 modified muscle ups

*stick to a number that you can complete successfully each week add a rep


Odd minutes – :15 second ring support 

Part C)

3 sets of 10 reps

DB Lateral raises

Standing DB shoulder press

Banded last pull downs

(pvc attaches to rig with band tension)


For Time: 

12 minute cap

500m row for time

Immediately into


Ring dips


Immediately into

500m Row for time

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