Wednesday November 14 2018

Warm up

2 rounds

5 inchworm+push up

8 banded face pulls

5 staggered stance good mornings each side

35 single unders

5 dumbell floor presses


Close Grip Bench Press (Superset)

6-8 reps (climbing) Close grip is “Shoulder width.”

After your set go immediately to the deadlift…

Deadlift (Superset )

6-8 reps (climbing) with your feet on a 55lb plate or 2-3″ Deficit.

3 second descent! No fast reps today.

After this go immediately to your rope…

Metcon (Reps)

2min. Max doubles 

After you complete the double unders REST 2min. and complete the entire superset 4 more times. Score on the WOD  will be your worst score of the 5 sets

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