Wednesday October 31 2018

 -Warm Up-

200 meter run

Then 2 rounds

8 Samson lunges

8 banded face pulls

8 sciatic nerve floss

20 sec supinated hang

8 sumo inchworm +push up


3 minutes to accumulate max time: L-Sit


3 rounds

8 – Sumo stance good mornings

8 – barbell roll outs

40m single arm overhead carry


AmRaP 20

With a partner

200m run

100 push-ups

200m run

100 sit-ups

200m run

100 air squats

*athletes will have a pumpkin or medball with them at all times.. if it touches the ground there will be a 5 Burpee penalty for each athlete

*if it rains then perform 200 double unders – med ball rule is still in play

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