Tuesday October 23 2018

 -Warm Up-


10 shoulder openers

5 Cuban press + OH squat

5 snatch balances

5 sotts presses

Then 2 lines with an empty barbell

2 rounds one led by coach

3 high hang muscle snatches

3 low hang power snatches

3 mid shin squat snatches

-BaseLine WOD 2-


Minutes 0:00-5:00

Row 1000m

Minutes 5:00-15:00

1 Rep Max Snatch (any style)

Minutes 15:00-20:00

Row 1000m

Minutes 20:00-30:00

1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk (any style)

*athletes will have 5 minutes to finish the 1k Row.

*If they finish under the 5 minute window they will rest until the clock hits 5 minutes

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